Individual Retirement Accounts

Financial security – for when you need it...

If you are looking to the future and want a solid, secure investment to carry you into the golden ages, open an IRA savings with First National Bank of Shiner.

Traditional IRAs offer tax-deferred earnings, and Roth IRA’s offer tax-free earnings. We can set up different Individual Retirement Account plans, focused on your investment goals and savings objectives.

First National Bank of Shiner Savings Account Details

IRA Savings Account
Minimum to Open
Interest Bearing
Variable Interest Rate
Interest Compounded Daily
Interest Credited to Your Account Quarterly
No Early Withdrawal Penalty but IRS Penalties May Apply
Quarterly Statements
No Administration Fees
FDIC Insured1

1The deposits of each depositor in this institution are insured to the maximum amount provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. Visit for details.